2.5 Pouce SATA III 6 GB/S SATA II SSD 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB Solid State Disk 2.5 "hd SSD Flash Disque Dur

xedain, caso do jogo

390 Strix

Sdsdquan. For micro sd tf card. :silver with white. Radall. Tipo c vention. Sd xc usb. 80.15 x 22.15 x 2.38 mm. Hub usb carga rápida. Flash card cf reader adapter. R:250mb/s w:80mb/s. Power supply interface: Compatible: Centechia. 

Inducter Uh

Abs, aluminium alloy. Wholesale 16 gb ssd. C2677. C sd. Scrm610. Real 8gb capacity: Cartão micro sdhc. 70148. 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, 128gb,256gb. Msata ssd hard disk drive. 1x super speed usb 2.0 micro sd tf card reader adapter. Porta usb 3.0 cartão. Usb interface. Up to 90mb/s read & 60mb/s write. Ssd 500 gb. Carte sm,carte sd,carte cf. 

32 Gb Compactflash

485/75mb/s. Sous-marin anti-sous-marin. Sd usb c. C10 tf. A390e usb. Flash drive. Usb c to usb 2.0 port. 4n0671. 75*21*10mm. Twizsy4061901. Sata para sd. Memoris sd. 2gb lpddr3. C4136. Leitor de cartão inteligente otg micro usb. Np(nt)-xxx(2242). Grade 1, class10. 121311. Foudre. Higscy70302103. 

Hc Sd

Caso do jogo. Nintendo wii. 32g/64g(available capacity approximately 90%-93%). Apr-14. Nom de la marque: Sd card: Wholesale disco em modul. 280~400/70~165mb/s(for reference only). Characteristic: Cartão de memória sony. Telefone móvel100mb/s(read),90mb/s(write). Jogo in1. Card reader for macbook. Carte xd,carte sd. Stick usb memeory. 256gb/128gb/64gb/32gb/16gb. Mmc cartão de memória flash. Multi usb. Flash: 

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